A Wide Universe of Opportunity

The Digital Galaxy network is a group that participates in a multitude of games and hobbies. From simulators to fun arcade style games, we truely love just having fun. Visit our network partners to find a new group of friends.

Cooperative Advancement

No competition for less aggresive communities.

Security Over All

Trusted and verified partners will never ask for personal information.

New Games, New Friends

Play with new friends in new games!

Current Partners

Nova Five Gaming

Nova Five is a great community focusing on Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay, using the Rage:MP client.


Fraternal Order of Casuals

The Fraternal Order of Casuals is a group that plays many multiplayer games in a laid back environment.


Digital Life

Digital Life Roleplay is focused on hardcore text based roleplay in Grand Theft Auto 5, using the Rage:MP client.


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